Learn French in Paris with your baby

Learn French in Paris with your baby


French for Mommy was born of a desire to help mothers – new and experienced – feel comfortable in their adopted home. Learning French is essential to a smooth transition to French life. Whether you are aiming for fluency or simply to communicate your day to day essentials with ease, French for Mommy is your point du départ; a comfortable learning environment and a community – and best of all, your kids are always welcome!


So many people dream of moving to Paris, and living an enchanted life in this breathtakingly beautiful city. I arrived in Paris, completely prepared to live my dream, and I learned very quickly that Paris takes your breath away in more ways than one! Settling here can be a challenge, and living a beautiful expat life in Paris required a bit more work than expected. Learning French is a key element to getting the most out of Parisian life, and feeling at home.

An Ontario (Canada) certified French Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience, I moved to Paris with my French husband in 2015. It was my dream to live in Paris a second time, after spending a year teaching in “The City of Light”, in 2006. Very shortly after arriving, we found out I was pregnant! It was a beautiful surprise, yet there was so much to learn and process.

I know first-hand how exhilarating, overwhelming and down right scary it can be to be a new mom in Paris. I help moms learn the basics – and beyond, to build confidence speaking French and to navigate life in the capital.

My goal is for mothers to come away from our lessons feeling good about themselves, knowing that what they do is always good enough. Most of all, I help to create a community, who support each other, learn together and share in this crazy and rewarding journey.

Tracy Nicole


Individual and semi-private mom and baby French Lesson

75- minutes, 75 euros

Highly personalized lessons delivered in-person, in your home or in a café. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, and are tailored to your learning needs and objectives.

French for Mommy group classes

75 minutes, 200 euros per person

Small group classes of 4 or 5, the French for mommy signature classes are dynamic, interactive and fun! Hosted by group members, babies and toddlers are welcome, and babysitting can be arranged on-site.

Online French for Mommy French lesson

55 minutes, 35 euros

A conversation – based lesson, with the flexibility to learn from anywhere with wifi. No need to worry about stepping away to tend to the little ones. There is time for that build into each lesson!


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